Brateck Anti-theft Tablet price

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$126.35 inc GST

The Brateck PAD15-01, anti-theft tablet floor stand with lock, is designed for securely displaying in the public. Width adjustable panel make it able to install iPad, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab and most 9.7”-10.1” Tablets. The case is designed with home bottom covering, which can prevent public touch of Home Button. Invisible cable management inside [...]

$22.61 inc GST

Gone are the days when ordering, cashier and nursing need a lot of paperwork. The use of touch screen has enormously changed the way of data entry in everyday life. Nevertheless, the application of tablets doesn’t concern much on human factors. Holding tablets for a long period of time causes strain on hands, and the [...]

$150.29 inc GST

DESCRIPTION With lockable enclosure and high-quality aluminum construction, PAD26-04CN freestanding kiosk is a secure, stylish and affordable choice for using tablets to convey information or advertising in a public setting. Users can rotate the enclosure to switch between portrait and landscape orientation and the toolless tilting ability is designed for ideal viewing angles. The height-adjustable [...]